A Comparison of Telemedicine and the Electrical Grid: Changing an old mechanism to a new one.


A couple of important quotes from this article:

“Like electric utility companies, the current healthcare delivery model is based on a centuries-old concept of bricks-and-mortar—the hospital or clinic. New clinics and hospitals require investments of large amounts of capital; with measures of operational efficiency—economic return on that capital—based on bed occupancy. Yet, recent studies reveal that for many illnesses, diagnosis,6 monitoring7and prevention8,9 significantly increase health levels and decrease the cost of overall healthcare delivery.”


“As the poet Goethe wrote, “Art is long, life short, judgment difficult”. The implementation of telemedicine—and the realization of its many benefits—will take time and will not be easy. There are issues of vested interests (who collects the revenue), training and licensure, regulatory and legal systems, inertia of a stable system.”

Housecall can add telemedicine to your organization affordably and reach directly to the patient, import patient collected data, and connect primary providers with specialists during their visit with the patient.

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